Inter-College Championship 2015 Team Routine インカレ2015 男子新体操 団体

Aomori University MRG team is famous for its legendary performance accompanied with a piece of beautiful music titled "Blue".


This performance never fail to make whoever watch this to tears, even if they don't know the story behind this performance. Actually, this performance was dedicated to the deceased teammate, who died from brain cancer at his 20s. Usually, at MRG competitions, crowds cheer for their teammate shouting "Gamba!" (means "Do your best!") or "Faito!" (means not "fight", but "Go for it."). But in this performance, no such loud voice was heard. They silently watched the six gymnasts move on the mat, with spontaneous and intermittent clapping. Gymnasts as well as their teammate wanted to show respect and condolence for their Sempai.


The bond between MR gymnasts is very strong. At the same time, so-called "Sempai-Kouhai" (senior and junior) relationship is strict like most other college sports in Japan. Having earned respect from Kouhai even after graduation from university--it indicates he was rich in humanity--Mr. Masayuki Otsubo had no enemy around him... except brain cancer.


Aomori Yamada High School and Aomori U took part in "Relay for Life" campaign in September, which supports cancer patients and their families. The memory of Mr. Otsubo has been handed down from Sempai to Kouhai.


Aomori University won the Inter-College Championship this year, which stretched their consecutive victory record to 14. Fourteen years!! That does not mean other college teams were doing poorly. No way. Watch Hanazono (2nd place in 2015) and Kokushikan (3rd place), and you'll see their performances were beautiful enough and next to perfect. Oh, how I love their balanced posture which I call "Hanazono Balance" and "Kokushikan Balance". Watching Hanazono gymnasts whip their hand while they raise their leg high, I always feel like crying with no reason. Of course, Fukuoka U and Sendai U did their best.




The moment Aomori team appeared, the audience were surprised to see their costume. So GREEN!! It reminded me of Cirque du Soleil, and as their performance went on, I was more convinced that Japanese MRG is nothing but a form of art involving athleticism. Their movement shocked the audience--they just couldn't believe their eyes because no one expected to witness that high level of performance by humans.


So, are you ready to watch the spectacular perfection of beauty and athleticism?

The biggest championship of MRG in Japan will be held on Nov. 6-8 at Gifu Memorial Center. Don't forget to get your ticket at "チケGYM".