Ibara High School(井原高校)

Ibara High School is one of the most famous and prestigious schools in the field of Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics. Their stunning performances continue to fascinate people around the world. When I saw their performance on YouTube, the first thing which came to my mind was "How could they achieve this level of brilliant artistry? What on earth makes them so special?"


Ibara is a small but cozy, closely-knitted town in Okayama prefecture with 42,000 people. Surprisingly, however, it has produced as many as four champions at national level competitions so far and three became Cirque du Soleil performers (as far as I know). Also, Ibara high school has won three times at "Senbatsu" or "Inter-high" competitions as a team.


A lot of fans of MRG say that Ibara team is very special and attractive. And, yes, their attractiveness has been proven on Facebook. As of March 8, the video of their performance has recorded almost 20,000 shares and 1,200,000 views within only 12 days.


People around the world share this video and give them the highest compliment for their beauty, synchronization and precision. I'm so proud of them and enjoyed reading comments given to the post. But if you come to think of Ibara boys, their daily life is not filled only with fame and glory. I heard that they practice so hard and for so long both on weekdays and weekends. And it is a shame that even in Ibara, Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics is not the sport everyone knows.


Here's a problem.

MRG has fascinated a huge number of people around the world. On the other hand, in Japan, only a small number of people know and enjoy this sport.



MRG exists only in Japan. This does NOT mean this sport is futureless. On the contrary, MRG has tremendous potential to be appreciated by people across cultural, racial, and ethnic differences. Let it survive and flourish. If not we, who? If not now, when?